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Our Services - Non-Profits, Foundations, and Endowments 

The management of nonprofit organizations can be challenging. Your nonprofit must manage its current spending requirements while not losing sight of its future needs. At Cornerstone Wealth Management we help address the needs of your nonprofit organization by looking into the following

  • Helping to create a focused vision of your organization
  • Helping to create a balance of Current and Future needs
  • Helping to create a plan for management of funds through creation and review of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Helping to educate the Board and Committee Members

Some nonprofit organizations and foundations utilize the endowment model. Some issues that Cornerstone Wealth Management help address specific to endowments are:

  • Helping to ensure that the organization is meeting its Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Helping to create and monitor the organization's Investment Policy Statement, which addresses the organization's risk tolerance, timelines, and suitable investments
  • Helping to compare actual returns to the correct return and risk benchmarks
  • Helping to monitor and rebalance your portfolio to ensure it stays aligned with your organization's principles, objectives, and Investment Policy Statement.

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