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The Cornerstone Difference


We founded Cornerstone Companies on one major principle – helping our clients achieve success in their business and personal lives. We do this through an out-of-the-box, collaborative approach. We act as a board of directors for our clients, bringing expertise and counsel gained from years of experience.

With strong practices in commercial insurance, risk management, surety bonds, personal insurance, employee benefits and wealth management, our team can help protect your business from all angles.

We’re also unique because we serve industries that build, manufacture, distribute and grow things. We were raised in and around businesses like this, so we understand and appreciate what it takes to run them.

At Cornerstone, we value our entrepreneurial, driven family of employees. Pair that culture with our positive, problem-solving, never-quit attitudes and you’ll see what separates us from the competition.


“We sit as an advisor at your round table to help you achieve your goals.”

David Parkhurst

“We make clients for life because we work for them long term. We get to know their business – where they started and where they want to go – and put a plan in place to help them grow.”

Casey Parisoff

“We bring as much value to clients as the national players do, with the same tools and resources, but with the attention of a small firm.”

Gary Davis

“Being a firm that is able to look at all aspects of a business and solve problems holistically opens up the world.”

Jonathan Twidwell

“We understand the businesses we serve. We’ve spent time in them – either we’ve grown up with the business, or we have worked in the industry, or we have similar clients that we’ve helped. All of that helps us understand your business and think of creative ways to do what’s best for it.”

Sam Bowlby